Our Destinations

Pacific Protours features a wide spectrum of sought-after vacation destinations across the Pacific, including Japan, China, Hong Kong, the Orient, and Southeast Asia.

Our staff has lived and travelled extensively throughout the Orient. Our solid experience and intimate knowledge of the destinations make us uniquely qualified in designing the most creative and innovative vacation programs that are available to you today.

Each sample itinerary is created with the full understanding that your preferences and expectations from a dream vacation are as unique and individual as you are. The balance between tour activities and time on your own has been perfectly maintained to offer you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy fascinating sightseeing highlights and still have ample free time to pursue your own special interests and favorite pastimes.

We invite you to browse through our exciting itineraries to choose the ones that you are most interested in, or mix-and-match with different options. We will then custom-design your dream vacation according to your exact specifications and expectations!